The stars

20 stars are offered to each player at the start of the game and can be purchased on the stores by clicking on the button below on the app.

The blind to buy stars or diamonds:

These stars are used to collect clues that help solve games.

The first three indices each cost 10 stars.

If a player wants to skip a game without responding to it, they can request the solution. It costs an additional 20 stars.

The types of indices can be:

A text
A picture

They can also be converted to time to allow a team to finish their adventure.

The number of stars not used at the end of the adventure is transformed into points for the team.

These points are used for the team’s record.

The number of stars being limited, each player must manage his stock as well as possible.

The pool of stars is common to the whole team, without individual redistribution at the end of the game (except stars purchased by the player).

Regardless of the number of players in a team, the number of stars given is fixed.

During the game, you can use your personal star inventory as well as buy it.

Attention, in this case these stars allow you to get clues but are not convertible into points.